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InnoGEN Youth Program Uzbekistan 

Empowering Young Researchers to Build a Better Future.

InnoGEN Uzbekistan is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at supporting and empowering young, talented researchers from Uzbekistan. We are proud to collaborate with esteemed partners such as the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation, the Innovative Development Agency, and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Budapest. This strong partnership reflects our dedication to nurturing and supporting the next generation of Uzbek researchers. Our primary objective is to provide invaluable opportunities for these young researchers to enhance their skills and knowledge through exposure to European universities, advanced laboratories, and industries. 

Deadline extended till: 18.12.2023

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PhD Market Validation Program

The program offers PhD students and MA/MSc students with PhD proposals a chance to validate their research results in the business world through a European study tour. They'll explore university accelerators and their best practices in Hungary, and Germany. In addition, they will also receive commercialization training to turn their research into practical solutions. The aim is to create a market-adaptable business case for these innovations. 


Access to startup incubators and business casestudies from the laboratories


Mentoring and guidance in developing industrial applicability and sustainable business model.


Cross-cultural cooperation and knowledge exchange opportunities.

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Scope of the Program

The InnoGEN Uzbekistan program is open to young researchers from Uzbekistan who meet the following criteria: 

  • Selected PhD and MA/MSc students with PhD proposals in 4 industries

  • Concept for an innovative product or service

  • Market validation tour in 2 countries (HUN, GER) 

  • One week in each country plus commercialization training

  • Link to university incubators and case studies from researchers

  • Final business plan and investors pitch​


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July 2023

Program design with the Ministry

Aug-Sept 2023

Program preparation with the partner universities

Okt 2023

Program Announcement at InnoWeek Tashkent

Nov-Dec 2023

Selecion of participants

Jan 2024

Preliminary traning Course

March 2024

1st study tours

Please note that specific instructions on how to apply will be provided when the application period opens. Stay tuned for updates and further details on our website and social media channels. 

Study Tour - Program Agenda 2024

Day 1 - Exploring the Universities' Incubation Center and Familiarizing with Laboratory Facilities​

Day 2 - Engaging in a Workshop with Key Researchers on Best Case Studies from Universities​

Day 3 - Study Tour to Local Innovative SMEs and Corporates Related to the PhD Project​

Day 4 - Evaluating the Teams Experience on the Business Model and Pitch Presentation

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Industries and Areas of Research









Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap helps startups financially and professionally. The firm incubates companies and helps them gain pre-seed and seed capital for innovative projects as an investor or fundraising advisor.

It organizes entrepreneurial training sessions and provides business development support and mentoring to companies. The incubator's investment portfolio includes IoT (Internet of Things) developments, AI solutions, medtech and robotics innovations.

Startup Campus

Startup Campus is an international innovation centre and startup incubator. We develop and implement innovation programmes for corporations and governmental partners, moreover, we support innovative projects with educational, incubation, investment, sales and foreign market entry services from early phase ventures up to SMEs with great growth potential.

We aim to create an international innovation centre in Hungarian ownership that operates and creates values globally, as well as strengthens the competitiveness of the domestic economy.  Similarly, to build an innovative community for startups and SMEs, large companies, public organisations, investors, incubators, universities and the business world to address social, environmental and economic challenges.

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Zoltán Galla

Director of Business Development

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Okhunjon Sayfidinov

Program Manager

Thanks for submitting!

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Startup Campus

4025 Debrecen Simonffy utca 4-6.

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Qauntum Leap

  9021 Győr, Szent István út 10/A

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